July 3, 2011

349 days - I miss him.

Me: “Come. Tell me what color is this fruit?”
Him: “Where? Greeeeennn.”

Him: “How ‘bout this?”
Me: “Red my dear.”

Him: “Same with my shirt color la Along.”
Me: “Pandaaaaiii. He he he.”

He loves car. Very obsess with it. :)

And he likes horse too. Same with me.

And he likes TV too 'cause he understands what the story was about. See how focus he is? :)

My nephew. My sister’s son. 3 years old. I always call him ‘Adik’. But he always wants me to call him Irfan, his real name. And to talk to him is like therapy for me everytime I coming back from the hospital.

“Nak cakap ngan Along.” He called me that. Along.
Usually, I love to ask him, “Rindu Along tak?”
And he always gives me this answer, “Dok (Tak). Sexy Along.”

He he he. Actually he confused. He knows the word meaning but don’t know when to use it. For him, sexy equal to love you or miss you. But sexy is much better. Ha ha ha. Actually there was an incident that made him to use that word but I don’t want to tell what the story was about. :P

But then yesterday, he asked me first. “Along, rindu Irfan dok?” I answered, “Rindu. Irfan rindu Along dok?” And he answered, “Rindu.” Wow ! He he he. It is not so often to hear that. Tulus je dgr. Serious terharu. Oh, I miss him a lot. :)

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Akak said...

he miss u all da time...'Along' is on his lips....everyday...