July 2, 2011

350 days - Not everybody created equal.

“Berdamailah dgn takdir.”
“Berbaik sangkalah dgn Dia.”
It gets easier. It really is. Thank you. Time is a great healer, doesn’t it?

“Don’t count. Just let it pass by.”
But still. I’ve been counting. It is what I always do.

“Tell me.”
No. I can’t do that. That is not me. I’m me. It is not easy to get to know me. Ask them. And I showed it to you too. Most of the time.

” Who am I, to you?”
Please. Don’t do that. Don't ask that question. You’ll make the wall higher. Thicker.

If I’m the old me, I will push people away.
Because, an old me, throwing people away isn’t the least bit difficult.

But now, I am me. I didn’t push away every people that came into my life. I do let them in. Eventually. Occasionally.
Time, changed me..
People, changed me..
But still. Not everybody created equal. Isn't it?

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